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Superdry is a premium clothing manufacturer that specialises in casual wear and accessories for men and women. Superdry are known for their hoodies and jackets, but they also manufacture a tremendous selection of jeans, jumpers, knits, footwear, dresses, T-Shirts, polo shirts, casual shirts and bags

Superdry is part of the Supergroup company which was founded in 1985. Superdry clothes are well made and stylish, and currently very popular with teenagers and yong adults. The clothing is so popular because it is both stylish and well made. Influences are taken from a number or sources, including Japan, with Japanese lettering on many designs, in a combination with vintage American influences.

Superdry has many bricks and mortar stores and concessions across the UK and Ireland and is can often be found as a concession in the House of Fraser department stores, which includes Binns.